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How to correctly choose the cooling fan or blower?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Work in we all need to use a cooling fan on the heat dissipation of electrical and electronics design engineer, must determine the cooling air volume required for a particular system, and the required air volume depends on the understanding of system power consumption and whether they can take away enough heat, to prevent the system from overheating. Facts show that, the system of use fixed number of year will be reduced due to the shortage of the cooling system, so the design engineer should also understand that the sales of the system and price, be because the system of the use fixed number of year to the user's expectations.

to select the correct ventilation components, must consider the following goals:

1. The best air flow efficiency

2. The smallest suitable size

3. The smallest noise

4. The minimum power consumption

5. The biggest reliability and service life of the

5. Reasonable cost

through the following steps to select the cooling fan or blower fan can help you reach the above several objectives, how to choose the correct cooling fan or blower, and chi car together a look at below.

the first is to know the total cooling demand, in order to understand the total cooling demand that has the following three points:

1, must transform heat ( The difference in temperature DT)

2, offset transfer heat wattage ( W)

3 air volume, removing heat, CFM)

total cooling demand is very important for effective operation of the system. Efficient system must provide an ideal operation condition, all components within the system can play the function of the largest and longest service life.

the second is through the understanding of the total cooling demand, use the following method to get the equipment required airflow.

1. Calculate the heat inside the equipment.

2. Decision can allow temperature rise inside the equipment.

3. From the equation calculating the required airflow.

if the known system internal heat and allows the total temperature rise, air volume needed for the cooling equipment can be obtained.

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