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How to clean car radiator fan?

by:TOCH     2021-03-16

In the hot summer, heat dissipation has become a significant part of car maintenance. You can often see news about car spontaneous combustion on TV or in newspapers. If such an accident does happen, it will be costly, so it is essential to pay attention to heat dissipation. The cleaning of the radiator is vital. After the radiator has been used for a long time, some dust will accumulate on the radiator fan leaves, so cleaning the car radiator on time is necessary. Now we will understand how to clean the radiator.

When washing the car radiator fan, first make sure that the car's engine is cold because there will be high-temperature water in the hot engine, which will accidentally burn people. After opening the engine cover, use a brush to clean the nylon bristles. When brushing, pay attention to cleaning along with the texture of the radiator. Then, check the radiator's hoses and clamps to see if these two items are rusted or if they are rusted. They must be replaced in time. Then, must discharge the drain valve of the old coolant radiator. Gloves because the coolant is highly toxic. The radiator fan is generally cleaned once every two years because it is not very dirty. Still, you must be careful and cautious each time you wash it and follow the operations mentioned above step by step to avoid loss or injury.
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