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How to choose to install car fan position

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
How to choose the device car fan position. After the test, the following is the best car fan position: device best car out in front of the wind fan, especially the CPU temperature, reduce the most obvious. Unit 1 in front of the fan and 1 in front of the wind into the wind fan, cooling the most obvious, arrived in good heat dissipation effect, the back before the suction air cooling hot air. Unit one in front of the wind fan and two ahead into the wind fan, cooling effect is best. Unit one in front of the wind fan and two forward into the wind fan and wind fan out 1 above, compared with 3 fan ( 2 after the 1) before When cool once small amplitude. Is increased by a fan at the bottom of the car, has no impact on the CPU temperature can, but can be slightly reduces the temperature of the graphics card, as long as 1 - 2 degrees. Automobile fan device orientation diagram reference: the above content is the primary school asked about device car fan, on users who do not clear how to device car fan, simply refer to the above content, you can easily unit car fan. Hope this article can help to you.
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