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How to choose a silent fan? Cooling fan manufacturers share experience

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Many products hope to install a silent fan to dissipate heat. Therefore, it means that the heat dissipation is good and the sound is quiet. Then how to choose such a cooling fan? Cooling fan manufacturers are here to share how to choose a silent fan 1. When we determine the product size, that is to say, the size cannot be changed, then, we want to make the cooling fan quieter, and it is recommended to choose high air volume and high air pressure. Because of the high air volume and high air pressure, the heat dissipation capacity of the high air pressure cooling fan is unchanged, but the speed is lower. If the speed of the fan of the same specification is low, the number of friction with the air is less, and the noise is also 2. When the size has not been determined, we know that the same speed, a larger size cooling fan, the air volume will definitely be larger, so we can design the size to be larger, and the speed to be lower , Keep the air volume constant, reduce noise 3. When we do not require high heat dissipation, the easiest way is to design the existing cooling fan speed lower, and directly use the same model to reduce the speed to achieve the purpose of quieter. In summary, the silent fan achieves the purpose of silence, and low speed is a very important parameter. Welcome to the cooling class and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and only represents personal opinions. Please do not complete the article. Reprinted, violations will be investigated for legal responsibility, if you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturers, please click on the product
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