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How to choose a manufacturer for the cooling fan of the mining machine case to reduce the cost

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Mining machines were very popular in the past few years. The cooling fans used in mining machines were also messy in the past few years. Now it is a bit quieter. The remaining cooling fan manufacturers have also made some adjustments. Then how to choose suppliers to reduce mining machines How about the purchase cost of the cooling fan? 1. Risk cost: Find a professional manufacturer, with a certain scale, but not too big, professional cooling fan, reliable production, reducing risk 2. Processing cost: Use a dedicated line to produce a single specification of the cooling fan for the mining machine, and make mistakes Low rate, high production efficiency, low processing cost 3. Time cost: Fast delivery, custom time is 20-30 days, a dedicated line can supply thousands of cooling fan manufacturers for 48 hours a day, and produce 1 per year Thousands of cooling fans of this kind of mining machine in the picture above, 120*120*38MM, 12V DC 2.4A detailed parameters are as follows, the product conforms to ROHS, has waterproof function Item/ITEM specifications. Conditions/Specification Condition) 01 model/Part No.JDB1238H12( RoHS)02 Outline Dimension/Outline Dimension120X120X38 mm03 Rated Voltage/Rated Voltage12V DC04 Start Voltage/Start Voltage≤9V25℃ Switch Power ON/OFF05 Operating Voltage/Operating Voltage10.8-13.2 VDC a.Rated Voltage/Rated Voltageb.25℃c .65%RHd.Measured after 5 Mins06 Operating current/Rated Current2.06A±10%07 Rated Power/Rated Power24.72W±10%08 Speed/Rated Speed4300RPM±10%09Max.Airflow188.8 CFM(Min )209.8 CFM(Mid)230.8 CFM(Max) a.Wind tunnel tester/Pu0026Q b.Standard:AMCAc.Rated Voltage/Rated Voltaged.Rated Current/Rated Current10 Maximum static pressure/Max.Static Pressure 18.4 mmH2O ( Min)22.7 mmH2O (Mid)27.5 mmH2O (Max) 11 Noise/ Noise Level 57.62 dB(A) (Min)59.91 dB(A) (Mid)61.98 dB(A) (Max) a. Rated Voltage b. Non-Echo Chamber/Non-Echo Chamberc. Standard/Standard:DIN45635d. Distance/Distance: 1.0M12 Life Expectancy/ Life Expectancy50000hrs at 25℃42000hrs at 40℃30000hrs at 60℃a.L10 at Conf.Level 90%b.Rated Voltage/Rated Voltage Welcome to the heat dissipation classroom and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and only represents your personal opinion. Please do not reprint the whole article. Any violation will be subject to law Responsibility, if you need to know more about the products of the cooling fan manufacturer, please click on the product center
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