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How to check whether the running of the automobile cooling fans good

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Hot summer, surrounding environment temperature is always high, auto cooling problems always appear frequently. Because of the cooling system heat dissipation are insufficient to form. And many problems are due to the automobile cooling fans present trouble yourself to stop operation, and use those unaware but, still let high-speed car, cause auto mainboard or power due to high temperature through the burn out, problems frequently. Go through the CPU fan operation is normal to the temperature of the indirect speculation. This can download software giants lu will be able to measure temperature of the current state of the automobile CPU, when the car boot normal use, The game) When the temperature of the CPU insisted on 40 ° to 60 ° was made between the fan operation condition is very good; If the temperature of the CPU in 60 ° and 70 ° of the fan rotation and will clarify the fan there is dust is very loud, and demand apart soot; If the CPU temperature over 70 ° with respect to clarify something wrong with the fan, demand a change. By hand in the car or auto cooling fan outlet, if the fan is operating normally, inside there will be a breeze to blow, have feel, if not, then clarify the cooling fan has stopped to work or fan blocked by dirt, so demand immediate liquidation, if not liquidated itself, can get a car shop looking for a professional liquidation. After a few very clock car automatic shutdown ( Car is good) , this is the problem of fan, fan, temperature rise sharply from cars, cars for maintaining the hardware and the forced shutdown.
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