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How to calculate wind pressure with wind speed

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Use wind speed to calculate wind pressure of fan u003cbru003e u003cbru003e    Through the anemometer, we can know the wind speed of the current wind turbine equipment. According to the Bernoulli equation, we can get the relation formula of wind pressure and wind speed: u003cbru003e Formula 1: wpu003d0.5×ρ×v² u003cbru003e u003cbru003e    meanwhile, wp is wind pressure [kN/m²] (KPa), ρ is air density [kg/m³], v is wind speed [m/s]. u003cbru003e u003cbru003e    Since the relationship between air density (ρ) and gravity (γ) is γu003dρ·g, there is ρu003dγ/g. We substitute ρu003dγ/g into this connection in (Equation 1), and get: u003cbru003e Formula 2: wpu003d0.5×γ×v²/g u003cbru003e u003cbru003e    Under the standard state (ie atmospheric pressure 101325Pa, temperature 15℃, air density is 1.25kg/m³), the air weight γu003d0.01225 [kN/m³]. The gravitational acceleration g at 45° latitude gu003d9.8[m/s²], substituting into formula 2, we can get wpu003d0.5×0.01225×v²/9.8, after simplifying calculation, we can get: u003cbru003e Formula 3: wpu003dv²/1600 u003cbru003e u003cbru003e    This formula can be used as a general formula for calculating wind pressure with wind speed. However, the blower manufacturer Kelexi needs to remind that the air density, gravity and gravitational acceleration will change with latitude and altitude. The air density (ρu003dγ/g) on u200bu200bthe plateau is smaller than in the plain area, that is to say, the same wind speed at the same temperature, the wind pressure that occurs on the plateau is lower than that in the plain area
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