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How to better improve the quality of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
How to better improve the quality of cooling fans? There are many types of cooling fans, and each type has different application areas. Some cooling fans have aerodynamic noise as the main noise, while centrifugal fans have low frequency as the main noise. , As the frequency increases and decreases, the more widely used axial flow fans are mainly mid-frequency noise.

The development history of cooling fans is very long. As the modern development speed is getting faster and faster, some equipment industries that are prone to high heat generation begin to have higher and higher requirements for the quality of cooling fans, and some better cooling fans may be available at the same time. High air volume, low noise, long life, then how to realize and improve these conditions?

These conditions are of course realized by the Ru0026D and production departments of cooling fan manufacturers. Each cooling fan manufacturer’s Ru0026D department and production department are different. There are many factors to consider, sometimes according to customers. The demand for new products increases the research and development of new products, so every product developed by the Ru0026D department of the cooling fan manufacturer is very important.

The design and research and development of the outer frame of the cooling fan need to consider and test how much resistance and auxiliary force of various frame shapes are to ventilation, how can the intersection of wind and wind pressure reach a perfect point, and how can the bearing inside the fan friction Minimize, how to make the chip to maximize the performance of the auxiliary fan and ensure the safety of the fan, these are all handled by the research and development department. When the internal structural parts and wind pressure speed of the two DC cooling fans are exactly the same, the outer frames of different shapes are used for testing. Among them, the performance of the fan with a very well-designed outer frame can be the highest than the other one with a general outer frame. The number of fans has increased by 20%, which shows how important the research and development of a product is.

The production department is also very important. A good production department can increase the quality of the entire product by about 40%, and a good production department can increase the delivery speed and save production costs. For example, soldering, a skilled soldering worker can often avoid the defective rate of the fan to a large extent and improve the stability of the cooling fan.

It can be seen that a good cooling fan manufacturer is indispensable to a good Ru0026D department and production department, which will determine the future direction of the cooling fan manufacturer. After it is put into use, it will also affect thousands of millions. The quality of the equipment is extremely important.

Therefore, the equipment parts, Ru0026D department and production department are three complementary and inseparable. Only when these three aspects are closely integrated, the quality of our cooling fans can be greatly improved.
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