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How to add lubricant to the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
After long-term use of the cooling fan, some minor problems may occur, such as slower speed and increased noise. It is likely that the lack of lubricant in the bearing causes the cooling fan to run poorly and the wind speed slows down; friction between the bearing and other parts ,generates noise. At this time, we need to check whether we need to add lubricating oil to the cooling fan bearings. So how to add lubricating oil to the cooling fan? Yi Rongchuan technician will answer for you. In the first step, we must first tear off the plastic label on the shaft of the cooling fan. Be careful not to tear all of it, so that the bearing is exposed, because if you open it all, it will make the label lack of adhesion and not easy to go back. Posted. At this time, we can see that the bearing is dry and there is no lubricating oil. This is the cause of the noise. After tearing off the label, we can use a small screwdriver or tweezers to pry off the middle oil seal cover (some cooling fans do not), take a drop or two of lubricating oil, carefully drop it on the cooling fan bearing, and rotate the fan blade once for each drop. So that the bearing can be fully lubricated. Generally, you don't need to add too much, two drops are enough. Too much, it may cause overflow, sticky but easy to get dust, affecting the normal operation of the cooling fan.  After adding the lubricating oil, we installed the oil seal cap and put the label back on the original place. Try to breathe hard on the fan blades of the cooling fan to see if it can run. If it does not turn, it will prove that there is still dryness inside, and more lubrication is needed until it rotates flexibly.   About how to add lubricating oil to the cooling fan, I will introduce it here today. In our daily life, we can do regular maintenance and inspection for the cooling fan. Once it occurs, timely treatment can effectively extend the service life of the cooling fan.
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