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How to achieve the waterproof and mute of the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Because most of the charging pile cabinets are placed outdoors for charging, they are very likely to be exposed to rain. How does the cooling fan, an important part of its cooling system, make it waterproof? Is there any special design? ? For the series of high-power heat dissipation fans for outdoor use, Yirongchuan Technology has considered waterproof function in the mold design, mainly from the following two aspects to protect it. 1. Ordinary motor, the coil is wound on the silicon steel sheet, as long as you open the buckle and take out the fan blade, you can see the motor wiring diagram, and the cooling fan used in the charging pile cabinet is to prevent the motor coil from being disturbed by rain. , A very good way is to seal the whole coil, the coil is not visible after the spring, it is covered by a black insulating cover, the water can not soak the coil. Then fill the PCB circuit of the control board of the opposite motor with waterproof glue, so that the PCB board will not be oxidized in contact with water. After the two-step waterproof protection process of the motor, it will not be afraid of rain, and the heat dissipation fan will work in the water. There is no problem, and the waterproof level reaches IPX7. Many products hope to install a silent cooling fan to dissipate heat. Therefore, it means that the heat dissipation is good and the sound is quiet. Then how to choose such a cooling fan? Yirongchuan Technology is here to share the selection method of silent cooling fan. 1. When we have determined the product size and specifications, that is to say, the size cannot be changed, then we need to make the heat dissipation fan quieter. It is recommended to choose a heat dissipation fan with high air volume and high air pressure, because of the high air volume and high wind When the pressure of the cooling fan reaches the same air volume, the heat dissipation capacity is unchanged, but the speed is lower. If the speed of the cooling fan of the same specification is low, the number of friction with the air is less, and the noise is lower. 2. When the specifications and dimensions have not been determined, we know that the same speed, a larger size cooling fan, the air volume will definitely be larger, so we can design a larger size, lower the speed, and keep the air volume No change, reduce the bottom noise. 3. When we do not require high heat dissipation, the simple way is to design the speed of the existing cooling fan to be lower, and directly use the same model to reduce the speed to achieve the purpose of quieter. In summary, the silent cooling fan achieves the purpose of silence, and the low speed is a very important parameter.
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