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How much high temperature can a DC cooling fan generally withstand?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Cooling fans are often used in high-temperature environments to dissipate parts of the product or the system to reduce the surface temperature of certain accessories to a safe state, but we will also encounter a problem at the same time, the temperature is too high. Is the cooling fan too unbearable? How much temperature can the cooling fan itself withstand? According to the material characteristics of the cooling fan, the conventional cooling fan can work at -10-75 degrees, but the higher the temperature, the shorter the service life, especially in the high temperature environment exceeding 75 degrees, which requires special treatment, otherwise the cooling fan is likely to be overheated. The most easily burned-in component is the chip. Then, the wires, the outer frame, the plastic tube are easily deformed, and so on. These are fatal defects for the cooling fan. Cooling fan manufacturers have targeted cooling fans for high-temperature applications. , After repeated confirmation by customers, long-term use in the environment of 100 degrees, has been stable work, can ensure reliability above 100 degrees.
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