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How much do you know AC cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
AC cooling fan as electronic components, it is mainly used for household electronic equipment or modern commercial machinery and equipment and a variety of electronic products. It is to show the advantages of the continuous and stable exhaust air, help all kinds of mechanical equipment to reduce in the entire application process because of the temperature rise caused by inconsistent overtemperature or inefficient. How much do you know about ac fan cooling fan, and chi car take a look at below.

AC cooling fan operation method

AC cooling fan is running through the import of AC current, its purpose is through the operation of the fan blade, cause the liquidity of the gas, to decrease the temperature of the actual operating machinery and equipment, to prevent heat loss causes a decline in the machinery and equipment features, unlike DC DC cooling fans, AC cooling fan is smooth and continuous, exhaust air and thus can mean temperature on the various machinery and equipment, and by adjusting the rotational speed rate of the AC cooling fan is not the same, different temperature can be obtained, that the aim of management of pyrogen method.

AC cooling fan operation mode

a AC cooling fans, axial fan, the liquidity of the gas and the fan blade vertical, in and out of the wind in the same direction, the key advantages for the large exhaust air, installation, operation, high efficiency, running at high speed, diversified products selected, supplement a variety of different exhaust air volume and speed ratio, show the user independent selection must be in a variety of natural environment of axial flow fan, and outer type AC axial flow fan, a traditional axial flow fan has more strong exhaust air and speed ratio, fan blade selected metal materials, customer satisfaction is extreme of the natural environment, the design scheme of ventilation hood again, can be applied as AC hose cooling fans, let more centralized, exhaust air at high efficiency.

2, current AC cooling fans, import the wind and the air inlet point parallel surface, but not on the same axis, fan pages and surface is narrow and long inlets, overall design, very suitable to install in the flat type of machinery, equipment, machinery, equipment or industrial production such as elevator capsules bag machines and other machinery and equipment.

3, AC cooling fan, centrifugal fan rake type suction filter cooling fan design scheme, the outlet gas breathed in by the leaves management center, through the suction filter inertia force, the gas along the spiral leaf, absorption into the outlet and the vent into the overall design of a ninety - degree, must use the unique industrial fan right customers, and backward type AC cooling fan drum chooses the suction filter fan motor structure, the centralization of the vent design, can let the wind gently blowing, AC cooling fans as choose backward type suction a top suction filter fan motor design, are available in household life ventilation, natural ventilation, exhaust pipe, etc.

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