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How does the DC cooling fan work?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
DC heat dissipation fan is a kind of heat dissipation equipment that converts electrical energy into machinery through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction to drive the rotation of the blades. It has many characteristics such as good heat dissipation effect, fast speed and long service life, and is widely used. Did you know how the DC cooling fan works? Here is a brief introduction by Yi Rongchuan professionals. Operation steps of DC cooling fan:      1. DC cooling fan is mainly composed of rotor, stator, fan blade and other auxiliary components (such as bearing//buckle ring, etc.). There should be many semiconductor components in the control circuit. Stored in one or more ICs, some manufacturers have specially designed and manufactured many types of control motor ICs for the design and use of cooling fan circuits. However, different types of IC control circuits are different, but their main purpose is to provide effective functions of the coil and related characteristics of DC cooling fans for more effective control and protection.    2. The speed signal output from the DC cooling fan circuit is usually in the form of pulses. Each wave head means that the cooling fan has rotated one circle. Such signals can be directly provided to the host through the data bus for display. The speed signal output by some DC cooling fans is not the real speed of the cooling fan, but a multiple of the speed. For example, every revolution generates 2, 4, or 6 pulses, so it must be processed to reflect the reality of the cooling fan. Speed u200bu200bsignal. If you want to distinguish whether the speed is the real speed or a certain multiple, you can use the tachometer to measure the actual speed, and then compare it with the displayed data. 3. There are two types of monitoring methods for the DC cooling fan: alarm sensor and speed sensor. The alarm sensor can give an alarm signal when the speed of the cooling fan is lower than a certain threshold, and the speed signal output can realize the cooling fan. Real-time monitoring of speed. It can be seen that the higher the air volume, the higher the heat dissipation capacity of the DC cooling fan. This is because the heat capacity ratio of the air is constant. The larger the air volume, that is, the more air can take away more heat per unit time. The heat dissipation effect is related to the flow of the wind under the same air volume. The operation steps of the DC cooling fan are introduced for everyone. In addition, we should note that the speed measurement signal of the DC cooling fan is generally output from the three-lead plug. The yellow and black of the three leads are +12V power and ground respectively. , The other color line is the speed signal output line. It should be noted that the third lead of some three-lead cooling fans is not a speed measurement signal output line, but a speed control signal line through which the speed control signal is input to the cooling fan motor.
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