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How do you know heat dc cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Dc fan, that means it is through the dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy is converted into electromagnetic energy, electromagnetic energy is converted into mechanical energy, and then is transformed into kinetic energy, make the blade rolling cooling fan, practice dc fan is mainly composed of rotor, stator, motor, the casing outside the four parts. Dc motor: the permanent magnets, multi-level winding of the stator and rotor position sensors, electronic commutation drive control circuit. Rotor: a motor shell + yong nine magnetic stripe + axis core + blades. Stator parts: enameled wire + plastic coated silicon steel sheet + + bearing hole inspection policy + drive circuit board + axis. The core component of dc fan stator and rotor. By ampere right-hand rule we know that the electric current through a conductor, the surrounding magnetic field, will happen if the conductor put in a fixed magnetic field, it will happen attraction or repulsion, then form a moving object. Inside the dc fan blades, attached to a first filling of the magnetic rubber magnet. Around the silicon steel sheet, the axis of two groups of coil winding, and use hall sensor component as synchronous detection device grass a group control circuit, the circuit to make coil axis of two groups of coil take turns assignments. Different magnetic poles in the silicon steel sheet, the pole with the rubber magnet repulsion. When the repulsion is greater than the lice fan of static friction force, fan Ye Tianran rolling, due to the hall sensor component provides synchronous signal, the blades so to continue to work, in the direction of work, can be in accordance with the resolution Fleming right-hand rule. This is the operation principle of dc fan. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD was founded in 2002 in wen ling, is a specialized research and development, production, sales, radiator cooling fan of high-tech enterprises. Produced dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan, blower, waterproof/dustproof cooling fan, EC conversion and the cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan, car radiator cooling fan, mute radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, turbo cooling fan, dc dc cooling fan, centrifugal fan, blower, air blower factory, new energy dc cooling fan, brushless motor, etc. , has been widely used in: communications equipment, UPS power supply, medical equipment, electric welding machine, industrial control equipment, household electrical appliances, air purification industry, automobile industry, projectors, beauty equipment, sports equipment, and other areas of the industry. YiRongChuan company has a high-quality management personnel and technical research and development team, the company has been committed to the standardization management, and strictly enforce the ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 quality management system standards. About 120 excellent rust assembly staff, used the standardized production process, the implementation of standardized grass, the monthly output of about 1. 2 million units, make the monthly production capacity of more than 2 million units. And have perfect quality inspection policy control process, spring surface to ensure product reliability and stability. Company to customer demand and needs as the guidance, in order to better serve global customers, YiRongChuan radiator cooling fan has obtained a series of authoritative certification: CE, FCC, UL, ROHS, etc.
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