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How do you heat dc cooling fan of choose and buy

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A lot of people when choosing heat dc cooling fan, don't know how to choose, general is to find a few manufacturers, test can run normally, and then choose the price is relatively low. Here we teach you how to distinguish the quality of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan? Look at the current: the same speed, the same voltage, the same air. Small current dc cooling fan of heat dispelling better. Current is smaller, the smaller the loss of the cooling fan, that is, the lower the power consumption. The main reason is that the product has strong electrical conductivity, good motor enameled wire loss, high copper content and highly active d light oil. Listen to the noise: same speed, voltage, low noise dc cooling cooling fan effect better. Main and low noise fan blades, bearing, oil, assembly structure and so on, the appearance of the fan blade design, the better, the greater the air volume, lower noise; Bearing accuracy is higher, and the smaller the core shaft friction, size match is fine but, noise, of course, also the lower; The smaller the lower noise, friction, bearing and shaft core, the longer the life of a dc fan, the longer life of name. Vibration measurement: the same specification, and speed of the fan is better than small vibration of dc cooling fan. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan is a high-speed machine, vibration is a must. No manufacturer can guarantee no vibration. The smaller the vibration, explain the better. Vibration is smaller, the more stable the fan running, bearing and shaft core loss is smaller, the volatilization of oil or rolling will also reduce wear and tear, of course, life will be longer. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan noise can't shaw, it is also recognized as reality. Some dc cooling fan manufacturers, however, the noise is low. How do they do it? Teach you how to drop below bottom cooling dc cooling fan noise. System resistance: under normal circumstances, the shell of the inlet and exhaust noise is a big part of the system resistance. The air flow rate, the greater the noise, the greater the resistance. Therefore, in order to decreasing noise, it is necessary to adjust the system of the Yin to small. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan speed and size: due to the faster the speed, the greater the noise, so the noise of the high-speed fan is much bigger than low speed fan. Under the same cooling capacity, try to choose low speed, large heat dissipation dc cooling fan. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan of raw materials: raw materials determines the radiator cooling fan fan when rolling vibration noise level. Fourth, the power supply voltage, voltage instability sometimes lead to fan noise increases. The higher the voltage, the greater the noise, otherwise, the lower the noise. Fan of planning: fan planning not only can determine the durability of the electric cooling fan, is also a measure of quality of the cooling fan. Good heat dissipation of the cooling fan is very fine but planning. Planning and the number of fan blade frame layout, as well as the distance between the fan parts and the size of the fan is appropriate, both to increase the longevity of dc fan, fan can down again at the end of the life of name, bottom fan noise reduction.
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