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How do manufacturers of high temperature resistant DC cooling fans make special customization?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Some customers require the DC cooling fan to be able to withstand high temperatures, such as 80 degrees, 75 degrees, etc., and the DC cooling fan works in a long-term use environment. What special design can the manufacturer do to ensure the normal operation of the product? First, the cooling fan adopts double The ball bearing structure can guarantee the life under high temperature. Second, make the speed of the cooling fan as high as possible, so that the temperature of the heat dissipation area is good for heat dissipation. Third, reduce the working current of the cooling fan to make its own motor temperature. Lower fourth, use high temperature resistant chip drive, so that the chip will not be damaged at high temperature. Fifth, the outer frame, fan blades and other materials are made of environmentally friendly and fireproof materials, and the wires, enameled wires, etc., use higher temperature resistant materials to pass the above several Step-by-step processing, the reliability of the cooling fan at high temperatures will be much stronger. In addition, the product's air duct design and installation of the cooling fan are also factors that cannot be ignored. Welcome to the heat dissipation classroom and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and represents only personal opinions. Please do not reprint the whole article. Any violation will be held for legal responsibility. If you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please Click Product Center
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