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How do dc cooling fan speed control?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car use time is too long, empty time is too long, don't have time to do, the auto parts aging performance, there will be a lot of car lovers, often will encounter some problems, power supply starts, dc cooling fan turn too fast, and not smooth, vibration amplitude is very big, the noise is very big also. Noisy person mood irritability, so any way to deal with for the above situation? Speed, cooling fan speed control not only can make the power supply dc cooling fan more stable but also can reduce the noise of dc cooling fan, next by by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning technicians to teach you how do power dc cooling fan speed? Usually power of dc cooling fan is achieved by adjusting the working power supply voltage control purposes, complex can be combined with a temperature control circuit, can usually detect temperature to adjust speed; And the cooling fan with PWM speed control function ( Are generally four lines, advanced some cooling fan cooling fan voltage will adopt) Work, it is not able to adjust the power supply voltage levels to speed, there must be a dedicated PWM speed regulating control circuit to adjust, the warm feeling to detect temperature to adjust the duty ratio of PWM signal, so as to achieve the goal of control cooling fan speed. If the home is not so you can go to the auto temperature control circuit for a cooling fan speed, around the price of 50, then in accordance with the instructions for installing had better choose a cd-rom or floppy drive cooling fan speed, so easy to use. There is in dc cooling fan on a line and a small resistance, similarly also reduces the power supply of dc cooling fan speed control voltage to achieve the above is the power of dc cooling fan speed control of a few small methods, if lower voltage is no way to solve the problem, then recommend replacing the power supply dc cooling fan, possessing YiRongChuan electronic professional wholesale radiator cooling fan and dc cooling fan, welcome the masses of customers to come to consult.
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