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How can the Raspberry Pi 3rd generation DC fan 3007 be quieter?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Regarding the mute problem of DC fans, manufacturers of Raspberry Pi 3 generations are more or less plagued by this problem. The sound of DC fans is getting louder and louder after half a month, or after a month, half a year, the sound is only It’s bigger, and it’s pretty good at first. What is the reason? Can the DC fan stay silent for a longer period of time? The DC fan provided by the cooling fan manufacturer also had this problem before. After more than half a year of improvement, we replaced the original 3007 male model bearing and shaft core with a special model bearing. The shaft core has higher bearing accuracy. The fuel-saving ability is stronger. In order to keep the fuel longer, the outer frame is changed to an integrated hydraulic fan. The running sound can ensure that the DC fan of the 3007 Raspberry Pi 3 can be used for more than one year. For customers with high requirements, The cooling fan manufacturer can be made into a double ball bearing structure, using ultra-thin ball bearings, waterproof, high temperature resistance, life can reach 50,000 hours. Welcome to visit the cooling class and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer, and Only represent personal views, please do not reprint the entire article, any violation will be held for legal responsibility, if you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please click the product center
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