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Host the cooling fan noise big reason and solution

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
There are a lot of the vehicle make friends always encounter such a situation, automotive with a sudden one day host becomes a big noise, always indirect hair ring, also feel puzzling, but don't know what is the cause, feel very depressed, the causes of host cooling fan noise is what? How to solve? Here - by possessing a car radiator cooling fan manufacturer 'chi automotive air conditioning technicians to you doubt is: host cooling fan noise big reasons: generally like this kind of situation is common, because use time is too long, especially the old machine, there will always be this or that kind of small trouble, you can observe a period of time, if after a period of time, rang again, don't tube it, if it is a new, or run after a period of time, the noise still exists, then it is likely to be above the cooling fan noise caused by the cooling fan cooling cooling fan. Cold heat dissipation fan too cold in winter, cooling fan speed operation, there is always the question, general won't appear on five points in such a situation, but the program will also appear in the process of running such a noisy, mainly because when you run a major program of the cooling load, the cooling fan will be more and more heat, cooling fan at this time will go quickly, to ensure that the cooling fan cooling in a timely manner, then there will be a noisy, car used long will appear such circumstance, followed by the cooling fan spindle oil shortage, damage, imbalance, there is some dirt on natural aging cooling fan cooling fan, as a result of imbalance silicone aging temperature to the cooling fan has been running high and noises. Solution: on a regular basis to host the cooling fan to clean up, every time open the case, use brush to clean up dirt inside, make the cooling fan don't have too much dust, and to ensure that the cooling fan in noisy when turning to a minimum, if the cooling fan is too tight you want in a timely manner to the cooling fan gear and adding oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of it! If after cleaning refueling or appear this problem, it can only suggest that you replace the cooling fan. Above will host the cooling fan noise big reason and solution, the hope can help you. Also warm welcome each big radiator cooling fan buyers to purchase, possessing a chi automotive air conditioning system with many years experience in professional research and development, production, sales, excellent heat dissipation products company. Production by dc cooling fans, ac cooling fan, centrifugal blower, waterproof/dustproof dc cooling fan, EC conversion and the cooling fan, brushless motor, etc. , has been widely used in: communications equipment, filter industry, UPS power supply, medical equipment, automotive industry, security products, industrial control equipment, instruments and meters, sports equipment and so on more than 60 industry field. The top of the radiator cooling fan industry, excellent quality, variety of samples, service first-class, hotline 18576730668
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