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High-volume cooling fan should choose DC or AC power supply

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
When we are choosing a high-volume cooling fan, some customers are not sure whether to choose DC power supply or AC power supply in the choice of voltage. Based on the cooling fan manufacturer’s years of production and sales experience, let’s share together. First of all, we know that the DC fan motor The motor is smaller than that of an AC fan. Therefore, at the same speed, the air volume of the DC fan is basically larger. Secondly, the speed value of the DC fan will be higher than that of the AC fan for the same size. Therefore, If you want ultra-conventional high air volume, you may only choose DC power supply. Again, the cost of a DC fan with the same speed is lower than that of an AC fan. Based on the above three points, it is not difficult to conclude that if there is a high air volume requirement for a cooling fan, we are the first choice DC fan, not only saves costs, but also easier to achieve the purpose
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