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Heat radiator door partial knowledge

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
In the 21st century today, radiator cooling fan gradually put into every corner of our lives, air conditioners, refrigerators, LCD TV, automotive, bench cars, coffee machines, induction cooker, etc. Small make up today I have to tell everyone about several radiator cooling fan partial door knowledge! 1, the working principle of dc cooling fan, through IC induction magnetic field change, and change direction of current, the stator produce a rotating magnetic field, magnetic field and magnetic field on the motor shell interaction, promoting heat rotating 2, what role: capacitor and resistor and capacitor current partition, current limiting resistor shunt, 3, how to style oil, hydraulic, ball bearing of the cooling fan oil: retaining ring plane ( Usually label side) No seal hydraulic: retaining ring plane ( Usually label side) Seal ball: retaining ring plane ( Usually label side) Visual seal, ball bearing, extrusion spring elasticity 4, oil cooling fan and ball where the advantages and disadvantages of the cooling fan is oil cooling fan: low cost, low noise, the early is easy fall off oil, the service life of ball bearing cooling fan: 3 w hours cost is high, stable performance, service life is 5 - 8 w h 5, what is the minimum voltage start voltage cooling fan can start value 6, cooling fan common adverse reasons what sound: in addition to the normal wind noise, such as brush box and electromagnetic sound jitter: balance blades bad super box: stator height than ever learn ~ more cooling heat partial door, please focus on 'radiator cooling fan manufacturer _ chi car air conditioning'. Professional research and development production of miniature radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc cooling fan, radiator cooling fan manufacturer of dc blower, first-class quality, good service, free proofing, directly or indirectly from the sample quickly, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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