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Heat dissipation dc cooling fan what are the performance requirements and its control method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
From the previous section, we learned about is how to run the heat dissipation dc cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan is the use of direct current (dc) to provide power supply, dc motor consists of stator and rotor of the two most parts are on the stator poles ( Winding type or permanent magnet) And the rotor winding, after electrify, also formed on the rotor magnetic field ( The magnetic poles) 。 So heat dc cooling fan performance requirements and its control mode have? YiRongChuan below small make up for all description: heat dc cooling fan performance requirements are: 1, the air volume requirements: dc cooling air volume of the cooling fan is the main factor of decide the cooling effectiveness, often after cooling cooling fan shaped specifications set, its characteristic key requirement is that air volume, is by no means the cooling fan speed, often people will misunderstand this point. 2, air pressure requirements: air pressure is needed for radiator cooling fan to overcome the resistance of air supply pressure, divided into static pressure and dynamic pressure. Static pressure is parallel to the direction of air flow measurement to the pressure, dynamic pressure is the process of gas flow kinetic energy into pressure required, wind pressure test equipment ( Wind tunnel) The characteristics of the cooling fan, P& Q) The curve. 3, noise requirements: thermal dc cooling fan noise is the most high-profile projects, users before meet cooling conditions, general noise requirements as small as possible. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan, air flow noise and friction. The higher the speed, air volume, the greater the noise caused by the will, the greater the cooling fan's vibration is also cannot be ignored. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan control mode choice: 1, 2 line control output in general. 2, radiator cooling fan is divided into client and endless ( Bare wire) Two kinds of connection mode, the terminal specifications, wire direction of positive and negative polarity and wire gauge is specified by the user. 3, generally USES the two colors lead wire, red and black; The positive voltage of the red line to connect power, the black line to connect power of the cathode voltage. About heat dissipation dc cooling fan's performance requirement is introduced to this, heat dissipation dc cooling fan is cars, electrical appliances, machinery, power supply of the cooling problem, extend the service life of equipment, reduce the equipment working environment temperature, the cooling effect is remarkable!
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