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Heat dissipation dc cooling fan of discriminant method

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Many manufacturers suppliers when choosing heat dc cooling fan, how don't pick, is usually just find several factories, and then back to the sample, test temperature can be turn on OK, and then choose the cheaper one manufacturer suppliers, as this is standard with this. In fact, the cooling of the cooling fan to just one day can not turn, a few years or even decades can maintain the cooling characteristics, no damage, no fading, just calculate is a good quality heat dc cooling fan? Wen ling chi automotive air conditioning professional technicians to teach you how to distinguish between cooling dc cooling fan quality. 1. The current - - - - - - The same speed, voltage, the same air. Current small heat dc cooling fan is better. Because the current is smaller, means that the smaller the loss of the cooling fan, which is low consumption, low consumption main reason is that: & lt; 1> 。 Strong magnet products & lt; 2> 。 Good motor enameled wire loss & lt; 3> 。 D high copper content of lubricating oil of high activity. 2. Listen to the noise - - - - - - Same speed, voltage, the smaller the heat dissipation dc cooling fan noise is better, because of the low noise mainly with blades, bearing, oil products, assembly structure and so on. < 1> Blade shape design, the better, the air volume will be larger, and the lower the noise, this is a skill, and test technical personnel's ability. < 2> < 3> Low noise, small friction, bearing, shaft core of life will be longer, dc cooling fan, the life also will be longer. 3. Measurement of vibration - - - - - - - - - - - Same specifications and speed of the cooling fan, small vibration of dc cooling fan better heat dissipation, cooling dc cooling fan, is a high-speed operation of spare parts, it must have some vibration, no one can guarantee no vibration, if there is a manufacturer to tell you, their products have no vibration, that is used to cheat ghost, never believe, the smaller the vibration is, the better, the smaller the vibration, the cooling fan operation is more stable, the bearing and the smaller the wastage of the shaft core, also can reduce the volatilization of oil or ball bearing wear, life will be longer, of course. Above some methods of discriminant cooling dc cooling fan is good or bad, more professional knowledge of the radiator cooling fan, please pay attention to wen ling tong chi car air conditioning cooling cooling fan manufacturers, wen ling chi car air conditioning cooling cooling fan manufacturers, professional provide radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan, blower and various specifications for industrial cooling dc cooling fan. 【 Ten years Taiwanese qualifications, two days out of the sample and price consultation: 18923728252]
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