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Heat dissipation dc cooling fan and what is the difference between ac cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
With the adding factory operation, need to buy all kinds of machinery and equipment, so how to extend the service life of equipment is a key, so the mechanical cooling also became need to focus on problems, YiRongChuan manufacturer to design and produce the demand that accords with people's heat dissipation products - — Cooling dc cooling fan, radiator dc cooling fan sent per minute or the volume of air, so people have explored cooling cooling fan and ac dc cooling fan what is the difference? Below by YiRongChuan professionals to introduce the heat dissipation dc cooling fan and what is the difference between ac cooling fan. Cooling cooling fan and ac dc cooling fan difference: 1, the working principle, working principle of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan, is through the dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical to drive the blades rotating, rely on the coil and IC switch, inductive magnetic ring from drive the blades rotating. Working principle of the ac cooling fan: driven by ac power, voltage will be positive and negative alternating, don't rely on circuit control, the magnetic field is produced. Power frequency is fixed, silicon steel sheet produced by pole change speed, this is determined by the power frequency, the higher the frequency the faster the speed of magnetic switch, the faster the speed will theoretically. Frequency, however, also cannot too fast, too fast will cause problems start. 2, structure, heat dissipation dc cooling fan rotor including dc cooling cooling fan blades, is the axis of the source of air flow, cooling fan, used to support balanced rotor blades rotate, magnetic ring, permanent magnets, magnetic drive level switch speed key, circular box, fixed the circular. In addition, also includes the support of the spring, through these parts to fixed tuberculosis turn the whole parts, motor parts, production of rotation, and move the size of the critical rotational speed. The speed control performance is good, control is simple. Ac cooling fan ( Single phase) Internal structure is composed of two coil winding, one is the startup winding, the winding in series, thus formed the three points, series connection point for the public side, the startup winding end run to start the end winding terminal for running the end, in addition, also need a startup capacitor, usually between the capacity of 12 uf, usually 250 v voltage, there are two joints, a head start at the end of winding, a head by the end of the winding operation, form a triangle, power supply ( Do not need to distinguish between zero line of fire A joint running winding end ( Namely and capacitor of a head also connect together) , another public side, the grounding line took the motor shell. 3, material characteristics: cooling dc cooling fan material: is the alloy materials, life can be more than 50000 hours of continuous use, dc internal structure of transformer and main control board ( Including the inverter circuit, rectifier, filter, amplifier circuit, etc. ) Not affected by voltage fluctuation, so its service life is longer than the other. The internal structure of ac cooling fan is given priority to with transformer, most ac cooling fan selection information of domestic electric acupuncture is commonly tungsten needle or stainless steel material, if the voltage shake is too big, can affect the service life of the transformer. Through the above details, everybody on cooling dc cooling fan and ac cooling sector don't understand! In addition, under the same heat sink material, heat dissipation dc cooling fan air volume is the most important indicators of air-cooled radiator cooling capacity, the greater the cooling fan, air volume, the greater the greater air volume in unit time can take more heat.
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