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Have you ever had a headache about how to choose a DC cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Have you ever had a headache about how to choose a DC cooling fan? When choosing a DC cooling fan, many manufacturers and suppliers don’t know how to choose. They usually find a few manufacturers at random, then take back samples and test the performance. Turn on OK, and then choose a cheaper manufacturer and supplier, and use this as a standard. In fact, what the cooling fan needs is not just that it can be turned in one day, but it can maintain the heat dissipation characteristics for a few years or even decades, without damage, and no discoloration, so it can be regarded as a good quality DC cooling fan. Next, let me take you to distinguish the quality of the DC cooling fan. There are three standards as follows: 1. Look at the current-the same speed, the same voltage, the same air volume. A DC cooling fan with a small current is better. Because the smaller the current, the smaller the loss of the cooling fan, that is, the lower the power consumption. The main reason for the lower power consumption is: u003c1u003e. The product has strong magnetic permeability u003c2u003e. Motor enameled wire loss is good u003c3u003e. Copper The high content of D lubricant has high activity. 2. Listen to the noise-DC cooling fans with the same speed, the same voltage and the smaller the noise are better, because the low noise is mainly related to the fan blades, bearings, oil products, assembly structure, etc. u003c1u003e The better the shape of the fan blade is designed, the greater the air volume and the lower the noise. This is a technical task and a test of the ability of the technicians. u003c2u003e The higher the accuracy of the bearing, the smaller the friction between it and the shaft core, the more precise the size matching, and the lower the noise of course, which is closely related to the material of the bearing. u003c3u003e If the noise is low, it means that the friction is small, the life name of the bearing and the shaft core will be longer, and the life name of the DC cooling fan will also be longer. 3. Vibration measurement ------ cooling fans of the same specification and speed, small vibration DC cooling fan is better, DC cooling fan is a high-speed running part, there must be vibration, no one The manufacturer can guarantee that there is no vibration. If a manufacturer tells you that their product does not vibrate, it is used to deceive ghosts. Don't believe it. The smaller the vibration, the better. The smaller the vibration, the more the cooling fan will operate. Stable, the loss of the bearing and the shaft core is smaller, and the volatilization of oil or the wear of the balls will be reduced. Of course, the life name will be longer.
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