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Graphics card turn the cooling fan is not the cause and the treatment methods

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Many game enthusiasts, in order to experience the game brought about by the fun, for his own car equipped with an independent video card, so when playing games, not only is it more clear picture and also won't have caton phenomenon to appear. Good independent video card heat also is very big, so is compared commonly known, high-grade discrete graphics, can configure unique graphics radiator cooling fan to help its heat dissipation, so you can avoid graphics burn out components such as failure due to heat dissipation is not in place, but when we use cars, also often graphics cooling fan does not turn, so it is caused by what reason, how do we handle, here is 【 by possessing dc cooling fan manufacturer YiRongChuan 】 Electronic science and technology professional cooling fan technician analysis for everybody explained: cause graphics radiator cooling fan is the following four points: the first. Cooling fan lines meet, or is in use by touch. In the second. Years are too long, the use of time is too long, line aging problems. In the third. In use process, the graphics card poor contact, downs, pin loosening, and so on and so forth. In the fourth. Different types of video card usage is different also, some of the more alternative video card is composed of main automatic adjustment, low temperature when the cooling fan is not turn, such as high temperature would turn itself! Processing method: if the graphics card cooling fan does not turn, you can remove the cooling fan first, first clean with brush the dust, dust, after all, sometimes too much is also one of the cause of it doesn't turn. Then use the positive and negative poles of two batteries into its welly, check the cooling fan, if not, that is the reason why the cooling fan itself, if you know you can mend it, don't understand, you can buy a new one. If there is a reaction, then try again with the mainboard, on main board and no reaction, then look on the motherboard do you have any other cooling fan outlet, general motherboard radiator fan outlet should be about 2 to 4, some sound card need cooling fan. In the socket is not turned, that is the power plug your graphics card cooling fan has a problem, to find a waste of the cooling fan power plug change yourself. If still can't help you solve the problem, that is likely to be the power supply and circuit problem, you first car discrete graphics, plug it into other works car motherboard, this is what we call the substitution method, look to whether can move, if not, can also be the cooling fan circuit has a problem: you can put the video card on the jumper wire short circuit; The graphics card to drive; Graphics card of gold finger, you use a rubber wipe; Jack may loose wire core, you check; Graphics card slot inside the dust may have influenced the conductivity; With the brush brush, if still can't turn, then confirm is there is no doubt that the power supply system problem. Can only take the host to the car shop to the professionals maintenance. Ok, above is the video card turn the cooling fan is not the cause and the treatment method of hoping to be helpful to you, thanks for sharing.
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