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Gao Cheng tells you choose communication equipment should be paid attention to when a cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We have to choose a cooling fan to communications equipment, in addition to focus on a cooling fan air volume can meet the cooling requirements of the device, also need to pay attention to the point that the noise problem.

the reason of the cooling fan noise usually boils down to two things: one is the fan blades rotating cutting air, called discrete noise; Second is that, when cooling fan running airflow produced by the collision obstacles and called broadband noise.

if communication equipment is high to the requirement of noise, you need to, from the perspective of the above two reasons, a greater degree to reduce noise.
in noise produced by the rotation of blades, the solution can, from the perspective of the cooling fan manufacturers, requires a cooling fan manufacturer strengthening design capability, continuous optimization design of high performance, low noise airfoils; Or a preliminary evaluation
characteristics accurately, and the fan supplier to cooperate, choose in the system and high efficient work range of cooling fans. For broadband noise reduction, the solution can optimize communications equipment system air duct, eliminate shade fan into the
obstacles aspects of the wind.

human wisdom is infinite, noise control cabinet, sound-absorbing materials are applied to noise reduction, maximum limit to reduce noise.
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