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For the cooling fan function of explanation

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
When purchasing a cooling fan, often heard some utility places, let's find the small cooling fan should have the function of so many, may not be very understand what meaning, but unknown Shirley, today small make up take you to understand some functions of cooling fan and the interpretation of the motor maintenance. Locked-rotor lock flow maintenance, blades stuck when zero current polarity maintenance: when is negative two lines into the fan without power speed monitoring. Mini fan operation, the third line will give the system a speed signal, notification system at this time of mini fan speed value waterproof function. Mini fan in humid environment, or wet environment, the rain will not rust, do not turn automatic startup state such as: electricity, blocked fan, the fan will automatically cut off power supply alarm function: mini fan does not turn, will give an alarm system, facilitate timely find the reason everyone after finish ever learn?
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