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Features of DC blower

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
DC blower is a kind of equipment used to purify air, gas and other harmful gases through the conveying medium to ensure a clean and harmless production environment. It is generally used in factory workshops, petrochemicals, petroleum smelting, gas stations, sewage and air exhaust are very important The role of. So do you know what are the characteristics of DC blowers? Let's follow Wenling Yi Rongchuan's professional technician to find out. Features of DC blower:    1. Ordinary fans need to be lubricated during operation, while the impeller of DC blower has no friction during operation, does not require daily lubrication, and the exhausted gas is clean and pollution-free.   2. The rotation speed of the DC blower is very fast, the gap between each part is very small, there is little leakage, and the work efficiency is relatively high.   3. The DC blower is composed of rotor, impeller, bearing and other parts, with stable structure and safe operation. And her mechanical friction loss is very small, which is the reason for the long service life of the DC blower.   4. The flow rate of the DC blower can be determined by selecting the speed of the speed, which is affected by the speed. What are the characteristics of the DC blower I will share here today, and the editor reminds everyone that if the DC blower is used for a long time, there will be dust and dirt accumulation. Do daily cleaning and maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the DC blower. Extend its service life. For more related DC blower, DC cooling fan, AC cooling fan and other knowledge, please pay attention to Wenling Yirongchuan official website: http://
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