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Fan variable frequency difference: the movement is the key

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Fan variable frequency difference: the movement is the key

date: June 20, 2016 when

details distinguish become reveal product value in the

summer will come, sales of the fan is growing up. Especially after April, fan sales will inevitably continue to rise. Although the mainstream of the fan is still this year with dc inverter, CVT, health as the theme. But more and more businesses are beginning to deflect, focus on detail form differentiation advantage, so that in the increasingly fierce market competition. Here, let small make up take you to see what are the details to distinguish the shine!

frequency difference: the movement is the key

the fan as the household appliances in use of history is very long. And high-end home fans from ac motor to the change of the dc motor has become an irreversible trend. But also is frequency conversion fan, may also be different 'heart'! Good must be fully enclosed efficient dc frequency conversion motor, low temperature almost no heat, the wind came out of the more cool and comfortable! But a lot of manufacturers has not corresponding technical production. Despite the appearance is consistent, but the quality of different machine service life are also different.

in fact, a better quality of selection of electric machine in addition to the brand effect, and the other parameters are available for reference. Some brand fan seller told the reporters, the real quality of frequency conversion fan motor, the overall performance than ordinary motor has comprehensive improvement, the difference is more energy efficient, quiet and comfortable, no matter how fast the wind, blowing up is still very quiet and comfortable.

wind has exquisite: size freely when

probably because consumers expect more experience of wind speed in the fan is used, so the gear set seems to have become the important factor of whether the fan product best-selling. As a result, more and more manufacturers began to stall, and even some manufacturers can do 36 gear regulating fan speed. However, this trend is wrong. The author visited many families understand that consumers really need is not really my fans how many files, but the fan is the most cheap how much, can be as low as most exclusive to high to much. Only those with low-grade high-grade soft comfortable wind strong fan will get. For example, 5 - send fan although only contracted 6 gear, but the most cheap only 450 r/min, equivalent to sleep air volume; The most upscale but can be up to 1450 RPM, equivalent to industrial fan air volume. Only the air flow freely to the size of the fan will get people's approval.

innovation design: after-sales should secure

'the really good product is convenient for the user as the forerunner of'. Some well-known fan enterprise leaders said. A lot of fan is the design of the product is constantly pursuing new and novelty and breakthrough for the independent product and development is imperative. In product design, unique innovative thinking is very important. As is known to all, most of frequency conversion fan are overall connection, once need to damage repair should be returned to the factory. But due to the large overall transportation inconvenience, always make consumers in the face of high freight't. Unique innovators can always go ahead, however, families and sent the fuselage, fan blade and motor fan separate modular innovation design, servicing only need to send back the damaged parts, the first nationwide express delivery service free of charge, greatly enhance the ability of the after-sales service, to eliminate the trouble back at home of consumer.

all in all, no matter how changeable the fan industry, always meeting the needs of consumers in the first and constantly strive to innovation of enterprises, will always be the final winner.
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