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Fan cooling performance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan cooling performance of the

what can affect the cooling performance of a cooling fan?

air volume, static pressure, revolution

1, the air volume is to point to what?

air volume refers to the circulation of the wind cooling fan sent.

how to increase air volume: depending on the fan open area, the size of the wind also different increases the size of the fan, and so increase the number of fan to increase air flow.

2, static pressure, what is it?

static pressure refers to the cooling fan send wind pressure ( Thrust) 。

the size of the static pressure is determined by the thickness of the cooling fan. Is however is increased with increasing the thickness of the cooling fan and cooling fan to increase the number of static pressure.

2, revolutions:

speed cooling fan blade rotation speed.

but turn the greater the number the higher the cooling performance of the cooling fan. Turn the greater the number of air volume and static pressure also increases, and the noise will be increased accordingly.

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