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Fan according to the different which can be divided into several function features

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Based on features of the function of the fan, the fan can be divided into low noise, big air volume fan, waterproof fan, silent fan and so on. Using the central difference, all the function of the demand is different also, other fan in the desire to know, as to what is quiet fan, it is what kind of special, many friends will ask, quiet quiet fan really can do it, don't have any sound? Silent fan is mainly used in household appliances, electrical equipment of environment is quiet. Its advantages is turns than similar fan less noise, more stable, after reducing vibration, reducing speed, optimization of the disposal for fans to mute the effect such as motor, main constitute local; Bearing, speed, and the blades. Silent fan works: the choice of its thermal conductivity data of copper contact and heat conducting tube is better than that of the aluminum alloy. The overall effect of damping structure. With the help of the intelligent temperature control mute module, the effective control of the fan speed, the fan speed control of a certain range, to ensure that the fan low speed running, the separation of suspension design, prevent the maximum vibration noise, thus greatly improve the condition of fan noise. As they say, of course, a little voice all have no, that's impossible. Fan leaves to turn at least, sleep time should be able to hear, like the sound of a car can be.
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