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Factory production workshop in the summer too thermal dissipation, how should solve?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Burning hot summer is coming, many business owners have to start thinking about the summer workshop cooling problem, and several ways of cooling in the workshop, auto water cooling method widely used in many industries have been vigorously. Workshop if the temperature is too high, personnel working in the workshop, the temperature is higher than the normal range for a long time, it's easy to have a heat stroke. Human body in high temperature environment, the body sweat secretion speed, can lead to excessive loss of body water, and even prone to dehydration. In high temperature environment, people also hard to concentrate, cause depression, prone to error, cause needless loss. Serious even production accidents, causing unnecessary casualties. Mechanical equipment in the process of production will produce heat, if before the heat generated by the no discharge or be absorbed in time, in this process the heat generated by the operation have been stacking up, especially easy to cause the wear of mechanical equipment, reduce the service life of equipment. If the temperature is too high, and may cause mechanical equipment the accident of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, workshop cooling was enterprise must carry out the company. Workshop to keep normal operation condition, keep good production efficiency, must solve the problem such as high temperature, good ventilation department.

damp curtain is also called the cooling water, based on the principle of water evaporation to achieve the purpose of cooling plant. Small advantage is low investment cost, operation cost, no pollution, not hinder the normal air circulation; The disadvantage is that cooling effect, temperature range is small. Because of the central air conditioning cost of investment and operation cost is too high, and easy for the poor air quality, therefore, besides some dust-free workshop, factory the most commonly used equipment or fan cooling. By location and cooling temperature and cooling equipment of choice for workshop. Cooling effect is obvious, and the investment is small. The wet curtain accessories to choose colour and lustre is uniform, great strength, good water imbibition, long service life, no pollution of wet curtain cooling medium, plant ventilation cooling equipment of engineering. Its working principle is' water evaporation absorbs heat this natural physical phenomena. Is water under the action of gravity, running down on, wet curtain in corrugated fiber surface of the water film formation, through human action, The fan) Air convection, the flow of air through the wet curtain of water film evaporation after water absorbs heat from the air, take away a large number of latent heat, ventilation, temperature and increasing humidity, the purpose of section, environmental protection, can make the temperature inside the unit area decreased obviously, build a harmonious environment between human and nature. Ac cooling fan features: 1, completely environmentally friendly products: no compressor, no cold coal, non-toxic, non-polluting environmentally friendly products, it is using all the cool fresh air evaporative cooling principle and outdoor and indoor ventilation cooling convection of air so as to achieve purpose. 2, low running cost, quick withdraw investment: compared with the traditional air conditioning compressor series, power consumption is only 1/8 - it 1/10. 3, the cooling effect is obvious: in a humid areas, generally can reach 5 - Around 10 ℃ cooling effect significantly; In hot, dry area in particular, cooling rate can reach about 10 - About 15 ℃, evaporation efficiency is as high as 90% above; 4, prevent the air drying: it can moist skin, and is good for skin. 5, metal shell, stainless steel chassis, after pickling, phosphating, coating, long service life. Plastic shell, beautiful fine fine, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance,? Aging resistance is strong, long service life; 6, totally enclosed aluminum shell motor, beautiful shape, low temperature, fast heat dissipation, high protection grade, explosion-proof, moisture-proof; 7, low investment cost, do not take up floor area: compared with traditional compressor air conditioning system, cost is less than half its, and device does not account for any construction area; 8, keep indoor air clean, clean, health: doors and Windows open for ventilation is one of the features of evaporative air conditioner, one hundred percent of the fresh air replacement way always keep the people in the environment of nature, completely, without a sense of traditional air conditioning does not adapt to the foul air emitted; 9, easy maintenance and installation: system simply, easy and quick installation, maintenance, without professional maintenance staff; 10, auto control system, automatic timing every 8 hours cleaning, ensure clean water and heat dissipation effect, extend the service life of the damp curtain, reducing maintenance workload; 11, open water distributor, water evenly, not blocked; 12, the drain valve of the heavy traffic, decontamination more thoroughly; 13, USES the high pump without protective measures, is not afraid of water shortage, water supply, than the submersible pump is more safe and reliable, long service life; 14, easy disassembly, easy to clean, can remove the side panel without any tools, cleaning wet curtain, maintenance of equipment is very convenient; 15, low noise, small vibration; Ac cooling fan cooling fan of the scope of application: the high temperature of glass production workshop, glass fiber, ceramic, electronic, chemical fibre, baking, metallurgy, metal, textile, food, leather and other casting production; Electroplating, electronics, shoes, clothing, printing and dyeing, plastic, rubber, printing, packaging, food and cars; , waiting room, school, hospital waiting room, supermarket, laundry; Food market field, large entertainment center, underground parking, railway stations and other public places; Greenhouse, flowers, birds, all kinds of mushrooms, fungus cultivation, animal husbandry and other kinds of farms

a cooling fan manufacturer commitment: services unlimited business philosophy as a principal obligations without side cargo. Enterprises in the high quality products at the same time also provide comprehensive consulting services, installation guidance services, related products supporting services, make sure all of your problems are completely solved.
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