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Factors that determine the price of DC cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Usually when many purchasers of cooling and cooling fans purchase DC cooling fans, different DC cooling fan manufacturers will give different quotations, and the prices are different. This makes it a bit difficult for some new purchasers to purchase DC cooling fans because they are not. So I don’t know too much about the price. So, let’s talk about the factors that determine the price of micro DC cooling fans from Wenling DC cooling fan manufacturer-Tongchi Auto Air Conditioner. Miniature cooling fan ICs are divided into A file, B file, C file, and D file. The appearance of these various grades of ICs is exactly the same, but the accuracy is different, the sensitivity of the induction is different, and the IC with low sensitivity will have dead spots and induction. Defects, etc.) From the bearing, there are generally two types of oil-containing and ball-containing. Normally, the ball bearing is more expensive than the oil-containing one. Because the ball bearing is developed after the oil-containing bearing, the service life is longer and the process is advanced. More cumbersome. In terms of materials, there are generally plastic, iron, copper, aluminum, and some more advanced ones are silver. The better the material, the more expensive the price is of course, so needless to say. There is also the size. The larger the size, the more materials and the more expensive it is. Secondly, in terms of materials, the plastic materials of miniature cooling fans are generally made of PBT, which has good temperature resistance and good toughness, but some use secondary materials and tertiary materials. These recycled materials have poor performance and price It will be cheaper. Finally, as far as the brand of DC cooling fan is concerned, for the same kind of product, the big brand is definitely more expensive than the other brand, because after all, the brand will not only guarantee the quality but also the follow-up service, so it is natural. The price will be higher. The above are the factors that determine the price of DC cooling fans. I hope to help everyone. Wenling Tongchi Automotive Air Conditioner is a fan manufacturer specializing in Ru0026D and production of cooling fans, DC cooling fans, and DC Peng fans. It is a big brand and has a reasonable price. Road, first-class service, quality and after-sales are guaranteed, if necessary, welcome everyone to consult and understand.
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