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Factors affecting the loudness of the computer case fan

by:TOCH     2021-03-26

Fan Sound|Factors Influencing Loud Noise It is well known that after a computer has been purchased for a long time, there will be a 'humming' sound when it is turned on. The source of the sound is the cooling fan inside the case. Many people ask why the fan runs quietly when it is purchased, and the sound becomes louder or unusual noises appear after using it for a long time. Let's analyze the factors that influence the sound|noise of the computer case fan. We know that when the cooling fan is running, the fan blades move in a circular motion. The speed is generally about RPM, that is, every minute. The fan blades are tangent to the air to generate air volume and also generate a certain amount of noise. The size of the noise is related to the structure of the fan blade and the speed of the fan blade. The noise generated by the fan blades with different inclination angles is different. When the air volume can meet the heat dissipation requirements, choosing a low-speed cooling fan can reduce the noise. Another factor that the fan blade affects the noise level of the fan is the balance of the fan blade. When the balance of the fan blade reaches a high level, the effect on the circular motion of the fan blade is minimal. When the balance is not good, the fan blade will shake slightly. The amplitude will increase with the increase of the fan usage time, and the noise will also increase. The balance of the cooling fan blades can be adjusted by professional balancing instruments. The picture shows the balancer. Factors affecting fan noise include poor concentricity of the fan bearing set, abnormal noise of the ball bearing fan ball, reduced oil content of the oil bearing fan, and foreign objects inside the fan. In summary, we know that the main factors affecting the noise of computer case fans are: the structure of the fan itself and its later use. If the former needs to be changed, you need to find the supplier to replace the components; the latter solution is to pay attention to the maintenance details of the fan. Automobile radiator fan factory is a professional cooling fan research and development manufacturer. Our ball bearing fan uses imported balls; the fan blades use balance adjustment instruments to adjust the balance; the incoming IQC inspection is strict; there is a silent room during the production process, and the quality personnel will All products are picked up; OQC conducts random inspections on the products before shipment to strictly control the quality of the cooling fans. Our products sell well in medical equipment, industrial industrial control equipment and new energy industries. You are welcome to inquire, and we will provide you with the most cost-effective cooling solution.
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