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'Everything comes to him who waits' Auto cooling fan 】 Impeller maintenance!

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
“ Everything comes to him who waits & throughout; 【 Auto cooling fan 】 Impeller maintenance!

1。 Impeller corrosion and wear resistant materials choose
austenitic stainless steel ( Such as 1 cr18ni9ti) Yield strength is low, not suitable for manufacturing high speed of the impeller, applicable to low speed as a general anti-corrosion fan impeller material. In the medium containing CO2 and other corrosive gas and smoke when mainly use Cr13 stainless steel, but should pay attention to the stress corrosion, and require the corrosion resistance of
are widely used for high speed blower impeller precipitation martensitic stainless steel, such as 0 cr17ni4cu4nb and FV520B, etc.
2。 Impeller corrosion resistant layer of plating
amorphous nickel plating & ndash; Phosphorus ( Ni- P) Alloy is more successful in recent years, a surface anticorrosion plating method. Because of the ideal of the amorphous structure and coating alloy properties, avoid the grain boundary and grain boundary corrosion defects, coating hardness of Ni - HRC50 ~ 70 P alloy coating corrosion resistance, wear resistance and the hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and caustic corrosion resistance is strong.
the fan impeller surface plating amorphous nickel plating & ndash; Phosphorus ( Ni- P) As a kind of good corrosion resistant alloy process, our company has been successfully used in maanshan iron and steel company and wuhan iron and steel company's fan, effect is good.
3。 Impeller corrosion resistant layer of coating
the fan impeller corrosion resistance coating surface hot spraying and plasma spraying, etc. Coating materials are nickel and nickel alloy wire, powder; Stainless steel wire, powder, etc. Nickel and nickel alloy coating layer on the hydrogen sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen cyanide acid, hydrofluoric acid, acetic acid, ferrous sulfate solution and dry gas medium, such as corrosion resistance is better, but for hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, potassium and sulfurous acid medium, the corrosion resistance is not good.
the austenitic stainless steel stainless steel used for thermal spraying is more, such as 1 cr18ni9ti, good manufacturability, in the majority of oxidizing medium, and some reducing medium has good corrosion resistance.

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