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Everyone has been curious about how car radiator cooling fan is outward or portray hair drier

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
You know not to know took a car radiator cooling fan is blowing is blowing out? Today is for everyone to talk about car radiator cooling fan will start in what circumstance. Now in the car radiator cooling fan assembly, in order to achieve the purpose of let the engine cooling fast, adopt the way of are electronically controlled, that is, the engine temperature too high, electronic control system makes the cooling fan turn up, such as the temperature drop down, it will stop the cooling fan rotation. Radiator cooling fan running with high speed and low speed, in order to adapt to different engine circumstance, maintain the normal operation of the engine. Now that the electronic fan is electric control mode, then what are the factors can induce electronic fan? The working principle of electronic fan? Induced electronic fan start there are two factors, one is the engine water temperature, air conditioning refrigerant pressure. Working principle is: the engine temperature sensor real-time water temperature signal transmission to the engine control unit, but the engine water temperature is higher than a certain limit, started to send signals to control the electronic fan. It says is the water temperature, air conditioning refrigerant control forms and water temperature, and both mutual interference, meet all the conditions, electronic fan will start. In did not start the air conditioning and engine under the condition of low temperature, start the engine if the fan also follow after startup, this kind of situation is not normal, suggest to maintenance checks. Since the principle stated above, let's speculate about a possible reason is that? First, may make the engine water temperature sensor is damaged, it's is high water temperature signal, in order to cool the engine, electronic fan to start; In the open air conditioning, appear this kind of circumstance may be because the refrigerant pressure signals. Generally use a dedicated car diagnostic instrument in order to find the cause of the failure. There is a very special reasons, it is ABS wheel speed sensor fault can also lead to the cooling fan at high speed. The fault principle is: when the car speeding, generally in a state of heavy load, the engine temperature is higher. For engine cooling, cooling fan will at high speed. If ABS wheel speed sensor damage due to some reason, even at low speed in situ don't move, until he was passed to the auto car signal is also a car at high speed, the cooling fan will start and high-speed rotation. In the above this kind of situation, I don't agree with, namely wheel speed sensor, ABS sensor device, a transmission wheel speed signal may cause electronic fan to start the operation? A mystery. Is took a blow and then say, electronic fan, because car generally moving forward, the air is also to forward will be through the body, if the fan is blowing out, did not contradict each other, it is a key engine located behind ah, electronic fan can also where not after the wind.
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