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Estimated life of hydraulic bearings and double ball bearings

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
Still a cliché, the editor brings you an article about the 'postures' related to the estimated service life of the cooling fan hydraulic bearings and double ball bearings, which is quite practical! First set the operating environment: within the rated voltage, room temperature is about 25℃, relative humidity is 15%~65%RH. Professional evaluation of hydraulic bearings: low accuracy. Estimated life: 40000 hours, totaling 1666.7 days, which is about Detailed description in 4.5 years: The oil-containing cooling fan mainly contains oil in the inner layer, which belongs to sliding friction. Once the oil is consumed, the heat dissipation effect is extremely poor, the speed is significantly reduced, and there is noise. This kind of cooling fan has a relatively short lifespan, which is proportional to its low price. However, the new generation of hydraulic bearings has greatly improved the service life through self-replenishing technology, which can basically reach more than 3w hours, which can already meet most applications. need. Professional evaluation of double ball bearings: the highest accuracy. Estimated life: 50000 hours, 2084 days in total, about 5.7 years. Detailed second speed: The relative movement of the bearing and the shaft is point contact, and the movement friction is small. The internal ball of the bearing is positioned in the retainer Rotary movement with lubricating grease; the cooling fan can be fixed in any direction. The advantages of the double-ball cooling fan are long life and good anti-aging performance. Review the cooling fan with higher speed. The disadvantage of the double-ball bearing is the high manufacturing cost. And the noise is louder at the same speed level. Everyone understands it. If you don’t have it, just read it a few more times. Please pay attention to the cooling fan manufacturer_Wenling Yi Rongchuan, a cooling fan manufacturer specializing in the development and production of miniature cooling fans, cooling fans, DC cooling fans, and DC blowers. Quality assurance, good service, free samples, quick samples, welcome everyone to come to consult.
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