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【 EC fan ( Wholesale) 】 The working principle of

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
【 EC fan ( Wholesale) 】 The working principle of
EC is a major part of the electric fan: ac motor. Its working principle is: electric coil in the magnetic field force and rotation. Energy conversion form is: electricity mainly converted into mechanical energy, and because the coil resistance, so inevitably there is a part of the electrical energy into heat. Electric fan work ( Assume that the room without heat transfer with the outside world) Indoor temperature has not reduced, it will rise. Let us to analyze the reasons of temperature rise: electric fan is working, due to the current through the fan coil, wire is resistance, so will inevitably produce heat to heat, so the temperature will rise. But why do people feel wool-like fabric? Because the body's surface have a lot of sweat, when after the fan works, indoor air flow, so it can promote the rapid evaporation of sweat, combining & other; Need to absorb a large number of evaporation heat & throughout; And people will feel cool.
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