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[EC Fan Wholesale] ‘I can help you around the clock! ’

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
[EC Fan Wholesale] ‘I can help you around the clock! ’ u003cbru003eCentrifugal fan using digital brushless DC outer rotor motor. In other words, a centrifugal fan using an EC motor. EC (Electrical Commutation) motor power supply is DC power supply, built-in DC to AC (through six inverter modules), rotor position feedback, three-phase AC, permanent magnet, synchronous motor. (Brushless DC is only the appearance of the power quality and the motor, not the essence of the motor. The EC motor is essentially a three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous motor) u003cbru003eEC motor is a DC brushless maintenance-free motor with built-in intelligent control module, with RS485 output interface, 0-10V sensor output interface, 4-20mA speed control switch output interface, alarm device output interface and master-slave signal Output Interface. The product has the characteristics of high intelligence, high energy saving, high efficiency, long life, low vibration, low noise and continuous uninterrupted work. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eRelated recommendation: Car cooling fan http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d123
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