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Dynamic axial flow fan at home and abroad research

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Axial flow fan in recent years, domestic and foreign research dynamic
, a new concept of ventilation and air conditioning & ndash; “ Independent axial flow fan & throughout; ( Dedicatedoutdoorairysestm) Cause the attention of the whole hvac industry. Independent axial flow fan ( DOAS) Is not an invention, it is a new concept, because the technology is already practical air conditioning technology, only these technologies were neatly together coruscate gives strong vitality. As early as 20 years ago, GershnoMeckler design this system. Mtlmma professor and his research beginning in the 1990 s, a lot of research work to DOAS system [ ‘ ] 。 DOAS early research focused on how to solve the problem of all-air air of variable air volume system, and how to implement the requirements of ASHRAE standard 62. In a 199 ASHRAEstnadadr62 less] Promulgated after, how to guarantee enough new air volume in the spotlight, indoor air quality connotation is more abundant, in addition to the new air volume requirements, the safety of the indoor air is also mentioned the unprecedented heights. DOAS system is to use an independent cold air supply axial flow fan, it provides the building needed 100% of all fresh air and the structure of the new wind load, all indoor latent heat load, axial flow fan and the part of indoor sensible heat load, it generally includes all heat exchangers and low temperature air supply cold fresh air units, indoor display device ( Dry the surface) As well as the automatic control system
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