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Does the unobstructed air outlet affect the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The heat dissipation principle of the cooling fan is to accelerate the circulation of hot and cold air, so that the cold air enters and the hot air flows away. If the air outlet is small and not smooth, it will cause the hot air to flow out and the cold air to flow in, or say There is less cold air coming in, which will have a great impact on the cooling fan. There is a simple test test. A customer took an air purifier to our company to measure the air volume of the cooling fan inside. The air purifiers are all on the other end. Adding the leaking net and leaking air will hinder the circulation of air. The final result is that the air volume of the cooling fan is more than twice that of the air purifier. In other words, when installed on the air purifier, the exhaust volume of the cooling fan is much smaller. Therefore, designing a smooth air duct for the cooling fan is very helpful for heat dissipation. On the contrary, if the air outlet is not smooth, blindly increase The high speed increases the air volume of the cooling fan itself, but it has very little effect on the cooling effect. The cost may be higher. Welcome to visit the cooling class and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and represents only personal views. Please do not reprint the entire article. Any violation will be held for legal responsibility. If you need to understand the cooling fan For more product introduction of manufacturers, please click Product Center
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