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Do you know the voltage changes, the cooling fan will have what change?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Said to the cooling fans a lot of people have a contact in daily life and work, so there is a problem don't know you found no, some fan speed is fast, some fan speed is slow, and the fan for a while go fast, go slow for a while, you know what's going on? The cooling fan manufacturer chi car detailed introduction for everyone, voltage changes, the cooling fan will have what change? Details are as follows:

common cooling fans, if you don't do any special design, the fan is not according to the environment temperature to adjust temperature because of the fan motor is fixed on its own, as long as the voltage constant, how much power, how much is the speed, decided how much the wind cooling fan.

when the voltage changes, of course, change the power of the cooling fan, and current, then speed will change accordingly, of course, this kind of voltage change can only come from high to low voltage, cannot increase the input voltage of a cooling fan all the time, this will cause the micro fan too much electricity, drive IC too much electricity, temperature rise is too large and burn machine.

the cooling fan motor series within a temperature resistance, when the temperature rise or fall, the temperature resistance changes with the change of temperature, and then let with its series of mini fan motor ( The stator) Resistance to change, the speed of the fan will change. Also can have a higher temperature control IC this design precision, the principle is similar.

in order to prevent the above burning machine, when you when choosing a cooling fan to choose high quality, after-sale guaranteed cooling fan manufacturer to buy fan, so that you can ease the use of your products and equipment. Our general chi car has its own cooling fan production factory, as well as its own brand jentech fan, can provide you with different type and function of industrial cooling fans, axial flow fan, ac cooling fans, dc cooling fan; Can also provide you with professional heat dissipation system solutions, welcome your consultation and understanding.
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