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by:TOCH     2021-01-27
We know of two needles, three needles and four needles radiator cooling fan is an old problem. At present, 2 needle cooling fan is rarely used in everyday use, three needles and four needles cooling fan. According to experience, choice of 4 needle cooling fan and PWM function of motherboard is very important. Below we specific about the difference between them. Radiator cooling fan type - Two needles, three needles and four needles radiator cooling fan classification method has a lot of kinds, including a dc Dc, ac, has brush, brushless, ball bearings and oil bearing. Today, we mainly discuss the cooling of the cooling fan power line interface, divided into 2 needle ( 2 needle) , 3 needles, 3 needles) And 4 needle ( 4 needle) 。 Let's take a look at. 2 needle cooling fan: simple and crude, but it can't measure the speed of 2 needle radiator cooling fan means that it is only two kinds of power cord, one for grounding, another is used for power supply. Its structure is simple, but the function and rarely, measurement speed. If you want to adjust the speed, you need to use other solutions. 3 needle cooling fan: VC voltage adjusting speed, flexibility is poor 3 needle radiator cooling fan interface in the original (red and black Some of them are black, yellow and green) On the basis of increased a yellow line. Mainly responsible for speed. Through its main board, you can check whether the policy to the cooling fan in the rotation or what is the speed. 3 needles, however, the cooling fan speed regulation is achieved by adjusting the cooling fan voltage. First, adjust the speed of flexible enough. Temperature retrieval strategy from the mainboard, can not be real-time inversion, which reflects the cooling fan state information, need motherboard BIOS Settings of various parameters, so whether can adjust the speed depends on whether the main board support. 4 needle cooling fan: more flexible intelligent control of motor speed to 3 from 2 needle, the cooling fan speed control problem hasn't been bent the whole solution. Therefore, in the era of LGA775, Intel's joint manufacturers launched a new PWM control specification. Cooling cooling fan into four stitches, on the basis of the three pins added a PWM circuit ( Pulse width modulation) 。 4 needle cooling fan interface color is not fixed, 3 needle, needle 4 cooling fan, interface insert location and matters needing attention sometimes, even if the cooling fan from 4 needle PWM control, still unable to intelligent control speed after connected to the motherboard. This problem may be associated with the main board, because the motherboard 4 needle interface is not necessarily the PWM control, it may also be the speed of voltage control.
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