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Do you know how many car cooling fans?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Car radiator fan is a kind of equipment that is often mentioned in our daily life, and it plays an indispensable role in the 'decompression' of heat dissipation of related products. For a lot of relevant knowledge of car radiator fans, many friends may have a certain understanding. But different radiator fans also have different characteristics. How much do you know about their respective characteristics? The first type of radiator fan is the axial fan. Its impeller is a bit similar to a propeller when it is running, because it is mainly driven by the blades to make the air flow parallel to the axis, which is what we call running along the axis. This type of fan is usually applied to the cabinet of some electrical equipment. Because of its compact and concise overall structure, it plays a great role in saving space. In addition, the installation of this type of equipment is relatively convenient, and its flow rate is also high, so it has been widely used. The other type is the centrifugal fan. This type of fan has a higher wind pressure than an axial fan, but the flow rate is also limited. In addition, when it runs, it pushes the airflow to flow in a vertical relationship with the shaft-but when it enters, the airflow also runs along the axis. Therefore, when the gas flow is required to rotate 90 degrees and then discharged, we generally choose a centrifugal fan. At the same time, when the wind pressure is high, and the axial fan cannot achieve the effect we need, we will also choose this type of fan. The relevant knowledge of the two types of fans in the car radiator fan introduced above hopes to help you better choose the products you need. If you have more product needs, please contact us.
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