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Different types of cooling fan applicable occasions

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Last time give you the detailed explanation, how to distinguish between different types of fans, small make up today continue to introduce to you, different types of fan is applicable to occasions! First, the direction of flow to the division 1. Axial flow fan: suitable for low air pressure, big air volume, low noise, small motor power consumption. Use occasions: Powersupply, Case, UPS, CPU, Cooler, audio appliances, etc. 2. Centrifugal fan: applicable to high pressure, low air volume, high noise and motor power consumption. Use occasions: blower, Notebook, Cooler3. Diagonal flow fan: this blade features between axial and centrifugal fan, compare the characteristics of the centrifugal fan. Use occasions: VGA Cooler (2) to fan type Ye Yi division 1. Former curved ( Sweepforward wing) : axial flow fan and airfoil blower 2 more. After the curved ( Sweepback wing) : diagonal flow fan and wheel type blower 3. The radial type ( Radiation wing) : axial flow fan and blower above information provided by the cooling fan, login for more details
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