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Debugging method of centrifugal cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Centrifugal cooling fan is a complex structure of equipment, mainly include inlet, air valve, impeller, motor, an outlet. Under different condition, the effect of the centrifugal cooling fan is not the same. As a result, different parts of the running status does not agree, the effect of the centrifugal cooling fan would be affected. Centrifugal cooling fan debugging to best state, can from multiple aspects.
1, centrifugal cooling fan to allow total pressure or step-down starting electric, but should pay attention to, the total pressure when starting current is about 5 - Seven times the rated current, step-down starting torque and voltage is proportional to square, when power grid capacity is insufficient, step-down starting should be adopted.
2, centrifugal cooling fan in the test run, should read the product manual, check the wiring method are consistent with the wiring diagram; Shall carefully check the supply cooling fan voltage whether meet the requirements of the power supply, power supply is lack of phase or phase, with the capacity of electrical components for compliance with requirements.
3, the number of test run not less than two people, one control power supply, one observe the workings of the cooling fan, abnormal now like to stop the machine immediately to check; First check the direction of rotation is correct; Since we started running centrifugal cooling fan, should immediately check whether each phase current running balance, current more than rated current; If there is abnormal phenomenon, should stop check. Stop running after five minutes, check the cooling fan for anomalies, confirm no abnormal phenomenon to boot.
4, double speed centrifugal cooling fan test run, should first starting at low speed, check the direction of rotation is correct; Must stay when starting the restart after the cooling fan static, in case of high speed reverse rotating motor and switch trip due to damage.
5, centrifugal cooling fan at normal speed, should measure the cooling fan input current is normal, the operation of the centrifugal cooling fan current should not exceed the rated current. If the current exceeds its rated current operation, check the supply voltage is normal.
6, centrifugal cooling fan motor power needed is to point to in certain conditions, the centrifugal cooling fan and cooling fan box, power needed for fully open air inlet. If fully open air inlet in motion, the motor is in danger of damage. Cooling fan test run will be best cooling fan on the import or export pipeline valve closed, gradually open the valve after operation, to achieve the required conditions, and pay attention to the cooling fan operating current is more than the rated current.
in strict accordance with the above way of debugging to debug, centrifugal cooling fan can make the efficiency of the centrifugal cooling fan above 98%.
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