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Dc radiator cooling fan motor principle of work is what?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Dc radiator cooling fan motor mainly converts electrical energy into mechanical energy of rotating machinery, it is made up of stator, rotor and commutator of the three parts, is the source of heat dissipation dc cooling fan power, so what is the working principle of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan motor? YiRongChuan technician explain for everybody below: dc motor is achieved by carbon brush commutation, because carbon brush friction, will affect the service life of the brush and motor, and the cooling fan brush which sparks when high-speed operation, for the electronic circuit around the formation of interference, poor stability. And with the heat dissipation of the cooling fan technology matures, brushless motor with produce, also without carbon brush dc motor can realize energy conversion, good improved have carbon brush dc motor faults. Brushless dc motor windings in the stator, and a permanent magnet as rotor, structure is the opposite of a brush motor. Brushless motor using electronic circuit switching winding current order to produce a rotating magnetic field, promote the rotation of the rotor. Liquid bearing and use of the dynamic cooperation between rotor bearing box structure. Cooling fan blade is fixed on the rotor, so, when the rotor rotates, the cooling fan will rotate with the rotor. Brushless dc motor with no carbon brush, high precision of speed regulation, low failure rate, reduce the maintenance work, also can improve the service life. Brushless motor has been gradually replace the traditional brush motor, is mostly used in the cooling cooling fan brushless motor.
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