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[DC fan] power and heat dissipation effect (2015.3.3)

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
[DC fan] power and heat dissipation effect (2015.3.3) u003cbru003e From a theoretical analysis, the greater the power of the DC fan cooling fan, the better the heat dissipation effect, but such a theory is established under a certain premise, that is, the operating power of the DC fan cooling fan Under the condition of not exceeding the approved sports power, the larger the power, the cooling fan usually has stronger wind power and better heat dissipation effect. At present, the general computer market sells DC 12V, and the power ranges from 0 to 2 watts. The power of the DC fan needs to be selected according to your CUP heat generation. In theory, the power is slightly larger. It is better because the internal transmission speed of this kind of cooling fan is higher. But what I need to remind everyone here is that high power should not be emphasized one-sidedly. This needs to match the power of the computer itself. If the power is too large, not only will it not have a good cooling effect, but it may increase the work of the computer. Load, which will produce a vicious circle, and ultimately shorten the life of the CPU cooling fan. Therefore, when choosing a CPU cooling fan, our users cannot simply think that the higher the power of the cooling fan, the better the heat dissipation effect, but should choose a cooling fan that matches their own computer based on the principle of adequate use. u003cbru003e u003cbru003eFriendly link: u003cbru003eAC fan http:// u003cbru003eCooling fan http://
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