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【 Dc fan 】 Install the matters needing attention

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Research and development of dc fan merchants wenling chi automotive air conditioning manufacturing co. , LTD. To share with you what are the points for attention about the process of the installation of the fan. We all know that different mechanical equipment its installation method and matters is certainly differ. But it is mechanical, surely there is phase, below we together to get to know, the fan have any special precautions when installing?
1。 Carefully read dc fan operating instructions and product samples, familiar with and understand the specifications of the fan, form, the impeller rotation direction and the direction of air flow in and out of, etc. ; Once again, check the fan parts in good condition, otherwise should be used after repair can be installed.
2。 Dc fan installation will xu with safety device to prevent accidents, and by the professionals familiar with the safety requirements of installation and wiring.
3。 Join dc fan duct has a separate support of import and export, pipelines are not allowed to be overlapped weights on parts of fan; Fan installation should be paid attention to when the horizontal position of the fan, the fan and the combination of foundation surface and the wind pipe connection should be adjusted, so natural, not to join.
4。 Dc fan installed, or leverage upon the impeller with the hand, check whether there is a tight or brush touch phenomenon, have without obstruction of rotating objects, no abnormal phenomenon, can test run, should be exposed parts of the fan drive shield ( The user should bring along their own) Such as fan inlet is not line, also need to acquire fence or other installation device ( The user should bring along their own) 。
these are the fan should be paid attention in the process of installation, wenling chi automotive co. , LTD. , remind, when installation, must be cautious, according to the installation of the conventional procedure for installation. More dc fan related all kinds of information in as much as, interested friends, please continue to focus on this site updates, if there is demand associated with fan or dc cooling fans, welcome to inquire procurement.

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